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Social Vitamins helps people use Social Networking to help them find others they can learn from and who might be able to learn from them in return. Our focus is in helping people discover one anothers wisdom and make a difference with it through social networking.

  • On the surface we help you find people who you might like to share social experiences with to make the best of your day. At a deeper level we can find you people who you can share and learn life lessons with in your Personal Life, Work Life and in your Community or Network.
  • We connect you to people who are likely to give you the support you need when you are looking for it and who can help you process what happens in your life as well as challenge and stretch you when it is time for you to grow.
  • Each person similar, complementary or opposite to you is a 'social vitamin' that can, through shared social experiences, boost the clarity of your mental health, the vitality of your wellbeing while enriching your Life at Home, Work and in your Community. Discover more..

Social Vitamins is making available free to use Community collaboration tools for matching people to one another so they can effectively empower change in one anothers lives. A major initiative to spur this activity is 'The Resonance Experiment' initiative which will accelerate how people can make a difference to one another's visions for their lives, businesses and communities. To take part in The Resonance Experiment, register now.

Real world events will be coordinated with communications using Twitter and Facebook to get people to collaborate with one another as well as with people globally.

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